FUERTE and Digiwin Software launched information cooperation project, towards a new journey of transformation

FUERTE and Digiwin Software launched information cooperation project, towards a new journey of transformation.


ZHEJIANG FUERTE ERP project was officially opened on June 2, 2023, and Digiwin Software, the world's leading financial software service provider, under the leadership of the company's ERP system, FUERTE will create our own bright future.



Lin Jianwei, the general manager of FUERTE, Lin Yuanyang, ERP project manager and assistant general manager, representatives of various functional departments of our company and key members of the Digiwin ERP project team attended the meeting.


At the beginning of the meeting, Manager Peng of the ERP project introduced the organizational structure of the ERP project, and elaborated on the implementation objectives, implementation methods and future work plans of the ERP project, which provided the way forward for the implementation of the whole ERP; Manager Tang of the PLM project first clarified the project objectives of PLM. He pointed out that with the advancement of the project, the traditional habits and processes of the enterprise will definitely be changed, and major strategies need to be adjusted. However, as long as the enterprise always maintains a positive attitude and firmly holds the initial intention of information transformation, the project will be successfully launched. Finally, Wenzhou regional manager Mrs Zhu put forward: "In the post-epidemic era, while the economic recovery, market competition has intensified, and the order volume of many manufacturers is still in a state of decline. In this case, the enterprise should try harder to enhance the core value, enhance the core competitiveness”.



Lin Yueyang, ERP project manager and assistant general manager of FUERTE, He said: “We may face tough obstacles on the road of information transformation, while the introduction of ERP projects is a key step in the process of company’s management informatization. The Times are changing, and we could only achieve the final success by actively adjusting our mentality, adapting to the changes and working together.



Lin Jianwei, General manager of FUERTE, made a summary speech on the project launch meeting. Talking about the motivation of enterprise informatization, he said: "Our enterprise has been established for more than 30 years, and now the enterprise base is stable, we should be more alert to safety and think about how to continue to maintain the advantages of the enterprise and meet the challenges of the future." As for the implementation of informatization, he believes: "It is difficult for us now, and we may have to work overtime to change the production and design processes, but in the future, the transparent production schedule, lightweight drawing distribution, and common data sharing will bring convenience to the company."


The successful convening of the ERP project meeting marks that the implementation of FUERTE’s ERP project management system has entered a substantive stage. 


We wish the implementation of ERP project management system to enhance the management level and the development ability of FUERTE.




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