Technical parameter.Electrical characteristicsSpecificationUnitRated voltage of Surge arrreser24kVNominal discharge current510kARated frequency50HzMaximum continuous operating voltage19.5kVSteep curre

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Technical parameter.

Electrical characteristics Specification Unit
Rated voltage of Surge arrreser 24 kV
Nominal discharge current 5 10 kA
Rated frequency 50 Hz
Maximum continuous operating voltage 19.5 kV
Steep current impulse residual voltage 82 kV(Crest)
Lightning Impulse residual voltage 72 kV(Crest)
Switching Impulse residual voltage 62 kV(Crest)
Long duration current impulse
withstand voltage
150 250 A
High current impulses 65 100 kA (Crest)
Rated Short-circuit current 20 / 12 / 6 / 0.6 ± 0.2 kA
Class of Surge arrester Class 1 or Class 2  
Application Distribution type  
With or without gap Gapless  
Designation of arrester Design B  
Spare parts      
NEMA A or B mounting bracket with/without  
Disconnector with/without  
Earth lead with/without  
Bird guard cap with/without  
Line clamp with/without  
Upper terminal (incoming line) bolt size M12  
Lower termina (outgoing line) bolt size M10  
Upper terminal Stainless steel 304  
Housing Porcelain type  
Color of housing Dark grey / light grey  
Varistor High quality zinc oxide varistor  
Size of Varistor 35mm / 38mm /40mm / 42mm  
Qty/package 3 pc/carton
Service conditions    
Environment maximum temperature 40
Pollution level Heavy  
Altitude 1000 Meter
Standard IEC60099-4:2014  
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