High Quality Lightning Arrester Products
Brief instruction

Zinc-Oxide arrester is used for protection of outdoor distribution overhead line, transformer, cable connector and electric equipment from being damaged by lightning Impulse voltage and operated over-voltage.
How does ZnO varistor work? ZnO has good non-linear Volt-Ampere characteristics which flowing current is tiny when working under normal voltage. However, when there’s over-voltage, its non-linear Volt-Ampere characteristics takes protection effect on leakage and breaking current, as the resistance will decrease rapidly and leak the energy of over-voltage.
Products are completely in accordance with IEC60099-4 standard.

Our Strength

More than 35 years of production experience;
Sample order is available;
Coustomerization is available;
Continuous improvement and perfection of products;
High productivity, large spare parts inventory.

Design Highlights
MOV discs
-High quality MOV discs are made in Zhejiang or Chengde China.
Upper Terminals
-Made of Grade 304 stainless steel
-The disconnector operates at fault currents as low as 1 Amp, and with good sealing performance & high mechanical strength.
100% routine tested for below test items
-Reference voltage at D.C. 1mA -Leakage current in D.C.0.75 U1mA - Partial discharge test


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