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Brief Instruction

Drop out fuse cutout is used for outdoor medium voltage and high voltage alternative current system, which mainly protects transformer and distribution power line from short circuit and overload. 

The fuse carrier drops out when the fuse link melted.

Standard type fuse cutout with solid link can function like overhead disconnect switch 300 amp.

Products are completely in accordance with IEC60282-2,ANSI C37.41,ANSI C37.42 standard.

Our Strength

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Design Highlights


Fuse carrier

Made of epoxy glass fiber lined with UV resistant coating and arc-extinguishing material, the fuse tube does not absorb moisture or deform.

The fuse carrier adopts single exhaust design (downward) with a solid cap which can prevent water intrusion and to avoid the threat of free gas to the circuit, unnecessary mechanical damage or short circuit.



The higher contact is made of pure conductive copper or highly elastic conductive copper alloy with silver plating.

The lower contact is made of 60%~62% content brass with sliver plating.



Both higher and lower terminals are made of 60%~ 62% content brasses with sliver or tin plating.


Porcelain & Polymer insulator body

Porcelain insulator base: made of bird-proof ceramic, adopted advanced casting technology and using cement from The United States, which can prevent broken of porcelain body caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

Silicone rubber insulator base: silicone rubber material has already passed 1,000 hours of salt spray test.