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Brief Intruction

Zinc-Oxide arrester is used for protection of outdoor distribution overhead line, transformer, cable connector and electric equipment from being damaged by lightning Impulse voltage and operated over-voltage.

How does ZnO varistor work? ZnO has good non-linear Volt-Ampere characteristics which flowing current is tiny when working under normal voltage. However, when there’s over-voltage, its non-linear Volt-Ampere characteristics takes protection effect on leakage and breaking current, as the resistance will decrease rapidly and leak the energy of over-voltage.

Products are completely in accordance with IEC60099-4 standard.

Our Strength

More than 35 years of production experience;

Sample order is available;

Coustomerization is available.

Continuous improvement and perfection of products;

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Design Highlights


MOV discs

High quality MOV discs are made in Zhejiang or Chengde China.


Upper terminals

Made of Grade 304 stainless steel



The disconnector operates at fault currents as low as 1 Amp, and with good sealing performance & high mechanical strength.


100% routine tested for below test items

Reference voltage at D.C. 1mA

Leakage current in D.C.0.75 U1mA